Nov2010 Update Summary for “Wing’s FAQ for Facebook Development”

In Nov2010, the following entries are added to my “FAQ for Facebook Development

I hope some of them will be useful to you!


Basic & General Issues

  • How can I contact Facebook directly?
  • Where can I get the List of Error Codes for Facebook’s API?

Application Registration, Settings & Misc

  • How can I track the number of users who sign up due to receiving an invitation from a particular user?
  • What is the max number of applications I can register on the Facebook platform?
  • Is there a limit on the number of API calls my application can made?

Accessing Facebook Data

  • How to find out if a user has liked (is a fan of) a page?

FBML Canvas Application / XFBML

  • Can I mix iframe app page with FBML app page in a single Facebook Canvas App?

IFrame Canvas Application

  • How can I tell if my application page is being loaded as an IFrame Canvas App or accessed directly as a web page?

The Graph API

  • Does Facebook change anything about publishing recently? My app cannot publish posts suddenly.
  • I want to have my post published to be viewable only by some particular friends of mine. How can I do that?

Facebook Query Language (FQL)

  • How to get the locale specific gender via FQL?
  • How to a friend of the current logged in user randomly via FQL?
  • How to get the current user’s friends who’ve also added the app?
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